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Manual for Vendors

Detailed manual for Vendors

Vendor manual. Detailed info for aspiring Gilabeli vendors and tips for existing Gilabeli Marketplace store owners.

You can register your account on Gilabeli Marketplace from different locations. 1. Log in icon in the right corner above menu, 2. Button “Become a Vendor” on the banner on the Home page, 3. Button “Start Selling” on the Become a Vendor page.

O you can simply click the link here

1. Press “Register” tab


2. Mark “I am a vendor” option

2. Fill up the form and press “Register” button

4. The next step is email verification. 

Go to your email account used for registration and when you receive a Welcome email from Gilabeli Marketplace simply press the verification link.

Important! You will be able to log in again only if your email is verified.


5. Account activation

Your account will be activated within 24 hours and you will receive a confirmation email from Gilabeli Marketplace as below.



Configuration Wizard

After email verification (and even before the account is activated) you can start the basic configuration of your account. Automatically after you log in configuration wizard will pop up. Wizard will help you to configure your store info and payment option (Stripe gateway). You can skip this step and configure it later manually but Gilabeli Marketplace recommends doing it as it is essential before the first sale.

First step – Store Info

Next – Payment configuration (check next chapter for more details)

Finish – Your Store is Ready!


Steps to set up STRIPE Secure Payment account (if you already don’t have one)

  1. Registration


2. Security


3. Account info

And it’s done!



Gilabeli Marketplace partners with Stripe for secure payments. 

This means that Gilabeli Marketplace doesn’t collect and has no access to any vendor’s financial info like bank or credit card details. Stripe account is accessible by Vendor only using the two-step authentication, email address with password and unique code sent to Vendors phone number (or emergency code as backup).


Go to Dashboard/Settings 


  1. Store Settings

Upload your Store banner, Profile photo (or Logo), contact details, opening hours, etc.

You can also share more about your story, your business, and upload photos in the Bio section.

If you decide to enable the Support button you will be able to communicate with your customers directly from your store and you will receive notifications to your email.


2. Payment (if you don’t have Stripe connected yet)


3. Shipping

To set up your own shipping methods, zones and prices, click as below

Shipping zones

Processing time


4. Social Profiles


6. RMA – Return and Warranty settings


7. Store SEO


8. Shortcuts – Visit Store, Edit Account, Log out







  1. Adding new Product

Upload Cover image and rest of the product photos (optimally 3-8), around 1000 pixels wide (no more than 2500 pix).

2. Editing Product settings

Click “Edit” under Product name from the list as below


Inventory settings


If your product is not discontinued you can mark it as “In stock” or “On Backorder” and add the “Made to order” attribute. “Out of stock” is for discontinued products, which you will not produce anymore (but you still want to showcase them).



Shipping settings for the individual product (overriding store shipping settings)

Product Marketing options – Upsells, Cross-sells, Discounts


If your products are repetitive, you can copy fully edited products and exchange titles, photos to speed up the process of adding new items to your store.


For more info check:

What can you sell on Gilabeli?

Product Photography

  1. Can’t Log in

Reason: Email address needs confirmation

Fix: Verify your email address


2. Can’t add products

Reason: Your Vendor account is not activated (allow 24 hours)

Fix: Contact Admin help@gilabeli.com


3. Can’t add photos

Reason: Image is too big or server is busy

Fix: Resize your image (for product images 1000pix is enough) or try again after few minutes. 

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